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Добрый день, мы посмотрели возможность интеграции со Stride

По схеме аналогичной HipChat, предварительный прогноз добавим интеграцию в этом месяце

It not works because you create your own custom ticket type in helpdesk and not allowed to use it for regular users.

We set checkboxes and create test  ticket for you.

All works now, also you should receive notification about it by mail.

Hello Chiara,

We are actually work in this direction. We have done some parts of this task already but still not ready to release it. Will do our best to finish it soon and you will be added for a beta-test.

But in your case you will receive notification even without assignment as we answered in your another question.

Also note, assignment helps in situation when company has more than one agent.

We see that you create test tickets by yourself, thats why you not receive notifications. Because you self created it and already know about it.

When ticket will be created by another user your agent account will receive notification.

Custom email means that UserEcho will use that address for notifications to users.

To enable it you should add special DNS record to your domain via DNS settings panel.

For example to enable emails on you should add this DNS records.

Please find out person in your organization who familiar with DNS settings.

Добрый день, по умолчанию на дашборде и на списке топиков используется один и тот же блок поиска.

Что сделать надпись персональными.

Зайдите на закладку списко топиков.

Нажмите на кнопку  [+Добавить модуль] справа вверху и добавьте модуль поиск и добавление

Теперь в нем можете задать нужный вам текст а старый удалить.

Если не будет получаться, напишите текст в этом тикете и мы поможем вставить.

Скрыли, чтобы вернуть обратно 

удалите две строчки тут и нажмите сохранить