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Last modified: March 4, 2016, 5:45 p.m.

Improved service performance

We have significantly redesigned and improved the internal system architecture. Each community is now in a personal virtual space and has a personal numbering and content repositories. Response time of communities decreased.

Optimized setting the types and statuses

Now each type has a personal list of available statuses. You can set the default status, which will be assigned when the first response by the operator was posted. Types and statuses has a customizable color, icon and translations if you use multi-language capabilities.

Added the ability to configure Robots.txt

You can now configure the robots.txt file for your community, for example it is possible to avoid indexing your community by search engines.

Added the ability to invite users into the community.

In some cases, it is necessary to invite new members to the community, we have implemented this possibility.

Added the ability to create a new topics from the comments

Quite often there is a situation when the number of comments on the topic becomes very large or question grows into a whole lot of questions. It makes the topic too complicated so based on numerous requests from our customers, we have added the ability to create a new topic from an arbitrary comment to the topic, the author of the new theme automatically becomes the author of the comment and the text of comment goes into the description of the topic.

A new type of custom fields

Added a new type text. You can insert long texts more than 256 characters now.

Improved integration with JIRA

Now you can make personal settings for each of the forums.

Improved integration with Slack and Hipchat

It became possible to filter the events that will be sent to an external systems.

Improved Protection against Spam

In moderation settings, you can now select the mode when new topics containing links will get on the pre-moderation. Spammers obviously spice their posts with links.

Added ability to mark any comment on the subject as a answer

If earlier it was possible to mark a comment as an answer only when writing new comments, but now you can at any time to mark a random comment as an answer.

Improved multi-language support

We proofread and improved the text content. Now if you need the new localization and want to participate in the process, the translation burden will have a lot less. The number of user interface and email sentences reduced from ~ 1200 to 584

You can participate in the UserEcho localization on our website We have full support for the: English, Russian, French and Danish. More than 20 languages are on translation stage.

We have mentioned in The Ultimate Guide to CUSTOMER SUPPORT book

To learn more, you can view the topic Top multi-channel support systems on pages 96, 97 Download the book in .pdf format.

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