UserEcho for Twitter (monitoring)

Last modified: Feb. 22, 2012, 3:03 p.m.

Monitor Twitter from UserEcho

We implement twitter monitoring feature that allow you to monitor your twitter feed directly from UserEcho interface and convert tweets to a topics.
Now when you reply on topics your replies will be auto-posted to twitter from your name.

Track customer questions in one place

Escalate tweets to support team which helps to increase the satisfaction of our customers and community members.

Use more than 140 symbols in answers

Now you not limited to 140 characters and can provide detailed replies for users.

Follow instruction below to start using this feature

Goto Advanced->Twitter in the settings.  Then click Set account to link your existing twitter account with UserEcho. After linking UserEcho will be able to post your replies to topics directly to Twitter. Also setup Twitter filter field. For common usage put your twitter name & website address.

Now you can go to the moderation section and check what's happening on the twitter.

Move mouse over any tweet and choose Convert to feedback action to convert it to the topic.
Now when you will change topic status or leave official reply user will receive replies directly on twitter.

Feel free to suggest how we can improve this feature here.

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