UserEcho - Latest updates

Last modified: Dec. 2, 2016, 1:01 a.m.

Huge performance optimisation

We have performed many optimisations, so average communities response time became up to 4x times faster.

New features 

+ Added Ticket IDs to the help desk requests
It's useful to clients and support staff to refer on topics via ticket ID

+ Semi private comments
Now community staff able to leave comments that will be visible only to the topic owner and staff. It suitable to pass private information to the clients in the public topics.

+ Custom fields - added related comboboxes
We have added related comboboxes in the custom fields. Now you are able to add custom combobox field which will change item list if other field value changed.

+ Canned responses
We have added  Canned responses feature to the our Helpdesk (Ticketing system)

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