We are launched UserEcho collaborative translation portal

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 6 years ago • updated by Константин Иванов 3 years ago 17

We are constantly being asked to translate UserEcho to the somebody native language. And before we use miscellaneous systems to establish this process but all of them not fits all of our requirements. Then we decide to implement our own system that allow collaborative translation and make process easy and comfortable to our users.

And now we are pleased to present our new UserEcho collaborative translation system http://translate.userecho.com 

It's has easy very intuitive interface and allow us almost instantly apply translation suggestions to the interface.

Find out below some details how you can participate and help us to add additional languages support to UserEcho or fix current translations.

To start open following link http://translate.userecho.com and choose required language on the dashboard. If you don't see required language feel free to post comment on this topic or to the http://feedback.userecho.com and we add it.

UserEcho sentences divided to the four groups.

  • User interface
  • Chat interface
  • Admin interface
  • And UserEcho website

Then choose required part and you can start translation process.

Click on to untranslated block at the top bar. Then at the left part of the screen you can see key sentences, you can start suggest your translations now.

You can use TAB key to switch on the next sentence. Also you can use search to find required sentence and suggest translation for it.

After than you make some suggestions, save it clicking on Save all action on the Unsaved block.

Now you can review and commit your suggestions to us.

We always happy to collect suggestions how we can improve translation process, feel free to submit it here http://feedback.collabtrans.com

Good job, I hope that there will be Macedonian language to help translating soon.

We have enabled Macedonian language.
You are welcome.

Hello, so lovely new interface! I love it!

There is one little issue - the Canadian flag is at the place of the Catalan :)

I know it will change rapidly!

Have a shared success! 


Looks great with bootstrap! ;D

I have a question: How many upvotes you need to change the status to Reviewed?

And what is the % of language tranlation to use it in my project/forums...?

Thanks! great work!

We have started approve process for Catalan language, hope that tomorrow we will add it to the list of available localisations on site and you can use it.

Hi Sergey!
Catalan is already on the list!
It just happen that have the Canadian flag, instead of the Catalan flag.

This last days I began to translate all the contents to Catalan, and I just wanted to know how many upvotes need a sentence to be "reviewed", instead of "Needs review" :)

Today I will spam all my friends to review it, so soon you will have another language to your site! ;)

Thank you for your time! Have a nice day.

Yes, Jordi is right!

Instead of using wrongly the "Canadian" flag (with maple leaf), the correct flag to be displayed for "Catalan (ca)" should be like here (red & yellow):


All Catalan translations reviewed and approved.

We have added Catalan language to the menu.

This is a great approach to translation. Are you open to suggestions for improving some of the English-language strings? (And if so, is this tool the right way to do it?)

Feel free to improve translations here http://translate.userecho.com/lang/en/, we review suggestions and then apply it.

Thanks. I have submitted several suggestions under User Interface.

Incidentally, there are several "imported" translations in there that appear to have grabbed comments from the code. E.g.: "#-#-#-#-#  django.pot (PACKAGE VERSION)  #-#-#-#-#"

You can create a Chinese Traditional do ??
We have created Chinese Traditional http://translate.userecho.com/lang/zh-tw/
Feel free to participate.
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Can we have Maltese language created please. We can contribute.

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