We have improved statistics section

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 5 years ago • updated by Manoj Kumar 3 years ago 5

We have significantly improved the analytics section in UserEcho is now possible to view multiple parameters reflect information about the community and analyse their mutual influence.

  • You can see basic parameters such as attendance, number of reviews and comments.
  • Statistics are available for the entire period since the inception of the community.
  • Now you can specify any interval for the sampling period.
  • It's possible to view the global statistics or refine it in a particular forum.

You can get detailed information on any event reflected in the graph, it is enough to click the mouse on the point that interests you.

Added section that reflects the activity of the support staff.

Feel free to suggest your ideas and improvements to our support community.


This is perfect! Great job guys. My community and I constantly check this, as UserEcho is our default and only site and we're using you as our host. Amazing. In the future and down the line, how do you see IP Banning/Viewing will come into play? A high chance or low chance of this being implemented. 

It's already possible to block user account and see it details like ip address.


Banning via IP address is not preferred feature at this moment.

We working hard on implementing Knowledge Base and Measure users satisfaction features.

So far, very good! Thanks!

Thanks to sharing article and nice services in your website.......