Attaching files

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago • updated by chiara.spiniello 4 months ago 3
We added a new feature, attaching files. To use it click on the clip image on editor actions panel.
Look at screenshot for details.

Below the picture shows the interface to attach a file.

Feature available for admins with Base+ service plan and upper.
It's possible to attach any quantity of files to a documents.
Max file size limit 512k.

Below examples how looks attached files.

Hi Sergey.

The pic above means, please translate the dialogue.

By the way I forgot the header: "Dateien einfügen" (It should be plural because we can insert a lot of files in one step).

A N D:

The way to choose files for upload, is not really clear at this point of user-dialogue! The button tells to make something, what can't be done in the next step. The button should tell the user, that he will open the interface for choosing the files. So he should tell: "Select files" - in German "Dateien wählen" (plural because...)

Hi Sergey, has the limit of 512k on the files size changed? 

What is the new one?

Cheers & Thanks 



Hello, current limit is 20Mb per file.