Customer satisfaction - Listen to your customers

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 5 years ago 0
We added the ability to assess the quality of customer support service, it will allow companies to better understand whether users are satisfied with the quality of service and to evaluate the quality of support in general and detailed down to the level of each staff member.

After a customer service request is solved, UserEcho automatically contact your customers to collect feedback on their satisfaction with the support received. It’s a easy way for you to track customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn.

Listen to Your Customers

Collect feedback on your company’s customer service experience. Monitor overall customer satisfaction and ensure you always delight your customers.

Identify and Resolve Issues Instantly

Track and address issues from not completely satisfied customers. Turn your critics into loyal customers.

Get detailed insights regarding quality of the customer support

View customers satisfaction reports. Continuously improve processes to keep your customers happy.