Atlassian JIRA integration

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 6 years ago • updated by Vladimir Mullagaliyev (co-founder) 5 months ago 5

We happy to introduce our new feature, UserEcho's JIRA integration

For customers that use UserEcho for feedback and JIRA for development tracking, our integration provides seamless two-way communication between support and engineering. Community admins can easily escalate a topic to JIRA as a new issue and all comments made on the JIRA issue and UserEcho topic are synchronized.


  • Create a new JIRA issue from a UserEcho topic
  • Map UserEcho topic status to JIRA issue statuses
  • Automatically update UserEcho topics status by resolving JIRA issues and vice versa
  • Link multiple UserEcho forums to a single JIRA account
  • Bi-directional commenting between systems

Supported JIRA Versions

  • Atlassian OnDemand
  • On-premise installations of JIRA 5.2 and higher

This is great!

Question: how UserEcho upvote and downvote counts are mapped to JIRA, when it only has upvotes? There is a feature request for down votes in JIRA, but it's not implemented yet.

We don't map votes to JIRA at this moment, but if it major requirement for your project we can discuss details about this mapping.

I do think mapping the votes is a great way to help agents prioritize the tasks! I will appreciate it if you guys can add this function to the Pro version.

Awesome !

Just a question, is it normal that my UserEcho topics status are not automatically updated by resolving JIRA issues ? BUT the other way works fine ! My JIRA issues are automatically updated by changing UserEcho topics status.


If you have status mapping they have to be updated! Please check your status mapping. If something wrong just create a private request with more information provided (link to the topic). We will check all updates we received from your Jira and compare with UE statuses.