Email ticketing - new feature

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 4 years ago • updated by Kapdesk Customer Service Softw 2 years ago 4
UserEcho able to process emails and auto convert it to the tickets, so you will able to provide customer support from one place, your agent interface.

How it works?

Customer send email to your support email address, then UserEcho process it assign ticket number to it and place it into your helpdesk, customer will receive notification that company received their request and soon it will be replied. Then after your support agent process request from the agent interface(update status or place reply), user will receive notifications with status updates until him request will be resolved. So process is completely transparent user feels that it do typical email conversation via email. But you have well organised helpdesk with support agents that controls that all customer requests will be replied.

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This is an AMAZING feature that we have been using for the last few weeks.  For us it totally improved our customer service level, and now we don't face the issue of "unanswered emails".  Thank you UserEcho and Sergey for all of your help and hard work to make this feature happen!  UserEcho as whole has enabled our company to become extremely responsive to our users needs.
Thenk's! It's actually amazing site, thanks his founders!!!!!

Its very nice and advanced technology also, Thanks for sharing very useful information. Try Kapdesk -

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