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Chat service improved - Proactive invites (Triggers)

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 5 years ago • updated 5 years ago 0

We added a lot of improvements to the UserEcho chat service.

Proactive invitations (Triggers)

Now it's possible to send automatic proactive chat invites to the customers. It's great for maximizing conversion rates on your marketing campaigns.

Invitation rules are very flexible you can configure invitations based on combination of important customer information such as  time on site, user language, time from last chat, repeat visits, URL, etc..

Also you can choose from a set of predefined invitation rules.

Invitation example: Invite customer when it stay on URL = /pricing/  more than 30 seconds.

Additional improvements

Improved chat workflow and visual representation.

Now it's possible to resize chat window and drag it to any screen location.


Dashboard customisation improvements, custom fields, categories monitoring, improved notification management, duplicate account merging and more

We've added a bunch of the new features this week. So now we very excited to introduce it to you.

Dashboard customisation settings has been optimized

Now all modules has screenshots and examples how it can be used.

Also we have started to prepare detailes explanations, how each module can be used. Soon it will be organised to the UserEcho's knowledge base section.

Custom fields

We've added ability to create custom fields for topics. Custom fields are typically used to gather more information from an user about the feedback. To setup custom fields click on the "Settings" then select required forum and select "Custom fields" tab. Next we planned to extend custom fields with following options: new fields types like checkbox and combos, editable only by staff option.

Added new mode to the topic list module

We've added new filter to the topic list. That's display all available topic statuses and counts of topics by current user.

It's can be enabled via topic list setup in customisation section.

Improved notification management

Now user can see all content on which it subscribed. It's possible to subscribe or unsubscribe on activity updates. Topic, Forum, Categories are subscriptable. It can be done from user's profile -> Notification management.

Ability to merge duplicate accounts yourself

Added ability to merge duplicate accounts for example you have one internal UserEcho account and second created with OpenID provider, it's possible to merge it to the one now. Available in the user's profile -> Common settings

UserEcho for the mobile 

A lot of the fixes and updates of the our new mobile version.


UserEcho for the mobile web

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 5 years ago • updated by Mike Wentworth 5 years ago 5

This month we have optimized the UserEcho interface for a mobile devices. Now all functions is accesible and optimized for the touch interface.

Find out some screenshots of varios parts of the mobile interface. Main dashboard, voter, side menu with forums & categories, comment's actions panel.

We are very excited about our continuing plans for mobile optimization. Our nearest plans includes Mobile SDK for the iOS and Android, so it will be possible to embed UserEcho community directly in the your mobile applications.

Let us know if you have any feedback or issues with the new mobile version.


We updated UserEcho website design!

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 5 years ago 0
A picture paints a thousand words


We are launched UserEcho collaborative translation portal

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 5 years ago • updated by Константин Иванов 2 years ago 17

We are constantly being asked to translate UserEcho to the somebody native language. And before we use miscellaneous systems to establish this process but all of them not fits all of our requirements. Then we decide to implement our own system that allow collaborative translation and make process easy and comfortable to our users.

And now we are pleased to present our new UserEcho collaborative translation system 

It's has easy very intuitive interface and allow us almost instantly apply translation suggestions to the interface.

Find out below some details how you can participate and help us to add additional languages support to UserEcho or fix current translations.

To start open following link and choose required language on the dashboard. If you don't see required language feel free to post comment on this topic or to the and we add it.

UserEcho sentences divided to the four groups.

  • User interface
  • Chat interface
  • Admin interface
  • And UserEcho website

Then choose required part and you can start translation process.

Click on to untranslated block at the top bar. Then at the left part of the screen you can see key sentences, you can start suggest your translations now.

You can use TAB key to switch on the next sentence. Also you can use search to find required sentence and suggest translation for it.

After than you make some suggestions, save it clicking on Save all action on the Unsaved block.

Now you can review and commit your suggestions to us.

We always happy to collect suggestions how we can improve translation process, feel free to submit it here


UserEcho widget improved to support mobile devices.

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 5 years ago 0

We are excited to announce that we implement many improvements of the UserEcho mobile customer portal. Our widget now support Android,iOS, Windows and other mobile platforms.


Chat statistics

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 5 years ago 0

We have added some useful chat statistics. Now it's possible to see total amount of chats per selected time interval, average waiting time and average chat session time. Also we added statistics for chat agents that allow to measure their contribution.


Atlassian JIRA integration

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 5 years ago • updated by Zhaoyu Chen-Admin 4 years ago 3

We happy to introduce our new feature, UserEcho's JIRA integration

For customers that use UserEcho for feedback and JIRA for development tracking, our integration provides seamless two-way communication between support and engineering. Community admins can easily escalate a topic to JIRA as a new issue and all comments made on the JIRA issue and UserEcho topic are synchronized.


  • Create a new JIRA issue from a UserEcho topic
  • Map UserEcho topic status to JIRA issue statuses
  • Automatically update UserEcho topics status by resolving JIRA issues and vice versa
  • Link multiple UserEcho forums to a single JIRA account
  • Bi-directional commenting between systems

Supported JIRA Versions

  • Atlassian OnDemand
  • On-premise installations of JIRA 5.2 and higher


Facebook monitoring, Editor update, Pivotal integration improved, Misc fixes

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 5 years ago • updated by Sean D. 5 years ago 3

We rolled out a lot of updates on UserEcho, below is a brief description about changes.

Facebook monitoring

It seems everyone is on Facebook. People are following their favorite brands and looking for support. UserEcho for Facebook turns wall messages into tickets, making it easy to capture and track your communication. And your support team can respond back to customers in Facebook without having to leave UserEcho, so it’s simple to engage and satisfy your customers.

Monitor your facebook page messages feed directly from UserEcho interface. Turn messages into topics. Now when you reply on topics your replies will be auto-posted to facebook from your name.

Escalate wall messages to support team which helps to increase the satisfaction of your customers and community members.

Editor updates

Our topics Editor updated, now it's support fullscreen mode editing. You can change size of inserted images using mouse or set strict size using configuration popup.

  • Added: Active/inactive states for the tool buttons
  • Improved: cleanup on paste for links and images
  • Fixed: issue with losing focus in FF when toolbar buttons pressed
  • Fixed: IE8 image resize.

Pivotal integration improved

We added ability to filter feedback list that displayed in PIvotal tracker. Find out more details here.

Fixed issues


Live chat feature added - Be online with your customers

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 5 years ago • updated by betty 1 year ago 0

We added live chat feature to the UserEcho thinking that would be nice to have everything in one place. Now it's possible to manage feedback and support your customers via live chat from one backend. No need to go back and forth between different tools.

At this moment we started with small but powerful set of features, it's will be extended soon.

  • Powerful HTML5 admin interface to manage chat sessions with multichannel support, support agent can manage multiple sessions at once.
  • Chats history (Transcripts) - browse and search.
  • User details. When user request a chat session, you will see user’s IP,Country and URL where it asked for support.
  • Audio notifications about new messages and chat requests.

Support for any IM chat clients

It's possible to use any IM chat client (iChat, Adium, Pidgin, ...) that support Jabber/XMPP protocol to support your customers.

Easy to install

Just paste a few lines of code.
All current clients who already setup UserEcho widget, already have chat feature, chat tab will auto appear if you open web (chat) admin interface or sign in in external IM client with provided credentials.

To start listening to user requests, open internal chat dashboard Moderation -> Current chats or use external IM client.

We always listening to our customers needs, feel free to suggest new features and ideas how we can improve our chat solution on our support forum.