EchoShield spam protection system

обновлен 3 месяца назад

Most robust spam prevention for UserEcho customers completely upgraded.

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Добавлена возможность просматривать оценку удовлетворенности клиентов в разрезе по агентам поддержки

обновлен 3 месяца назад

UserEcho improved customer satisfaction reporting system - CSAT

Knowledge base review

обновлен 4 месяца назад

Review of UserEcho knowledge base functionality with new added features explained.

UserEcho launches integration with Stride

обновлен 4 месяца назад

We have added UserEcho integration with Stride - the complete team communication solution

Google Launches native G Suite application for UserEcho

обновлен 4 месяца назад

Google now offers a lot of pre-integrated SAML applications, including UserEcho. SAML, an industry standard for Single Sign-On (SSO), gives you more control over the accounts that your employees create.

UserEcho now supports DKIM (Domain Key identified Mail) for custom domains

обновлен 4 месяца назад

Digitally sign emails from your helpdesk and support forum with your domain name(s) and build your brand identity in all your communication with customers. UserEcho now supports DKIM

All UserEcho customers' portals switched to HTTPS

обновлен 4 месяца назад

Now after connecting your domain (creating a CNAME record and specifying the desired domain in the UserEcho settings), we automatically generate an SSL certificate through Let's Encrypt. This is very convenient, because you do not need to: buy a certificate, pay for its installation and wait for us to connect it.