Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 5 years ago • updated by Sean D. 5 years ago 3

We rolled out a lot of updates on UserEcho, below is a brief description about changes.

Facebook monitoring

It seems everyone is on Facebook. People are following their favorite brands and looking for support. UserEcho for Facebook turns wall messages into tickets, making it easy to capture and track your communication. And your support team can respond back to customers in Facebook without having to leave UserEcho, so it’s simple to engage and satisfy your customers.

Monitor your facebook page messages feed directly from UserEcho interface. Turn messages into topics. Now when you reply on topics your replies will be auto-posted to facebook from your name.

Escalate wall messages to support team which helps to increase the satisfaction of your customers and community members.

Editor updates

Our topics Editor updated, now it's support fullscreen mode editing. You can change size of inserted images using mouse or set strict size using configuration popup.

  • Added: Active/inactive states for the tool buttons
  • Improved: cleanup on paste for links and images
  • Fixed: issue with losing focus in FF when toolbar buttons pressed
  • Fixed: IE8 image resize.

Pivotal integration improved

We added ability to filter feedback list that displayed in PIvotal tracker. Find out more details here.

Fixed issues

Im not really sure how this works.  We have messages posted on our FB Page but they do not show in UE, and I have searched everywhere on how to activate this and cannot find anywhere how to get this working.  We have the Facebook plugin working fine but not sure how to use Facebook monitoring, thanks.

This feature available, starting from the Base+ service plan, but we added it to your account as bonus option, because you is our very active customer, link your facebook account here, http://sweetaz.userecho.com/settings/moderation/facebook/?lang=en

Wow, thanks Sergey.  That was pretty cool, I was not trying to get free features, it's just that I did not see what plans this was applied to and just assumed it was to all plans, many thanks and that us very much appreciated.  I will keep feedback coming :-)