Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago 0

Feedback monitoring via notifications

Now users can easily subscribe to the monitoring of feedback with notification to the e-mail. You must click the link to subscribe (1) in the right menu. If you do this on the main forum page, you will receive notifications of all forum feedback changes. You can also monitor specifically selected feedback. You must click Subscribe link on feedback page to subscribe to the current feedback changes.

Right menu redesign

We have redesigned the right menu panel.

  • Logo placement zone auto-sizes to fit logo, it has become smaller for smaller logos
  • (2). Removed border around logo.
  • Added icons for menu items (3)
  • Zone of sharing panel rolled into one AJAX pop-up menu “Share” (4)
  • on our opinion right menu has become more compact without loss of functionality.

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