Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago 0

UserEcho now provides more flexible settings for protection from spam and inappropriate content for your projects.


We added following options for content moderation.

Moderation is off - All appear on the site immediately without moderation.

User-moderation - All content is published immediately. Users will be able to tag existing content as inappropriate, spam, duplicate.

Akismet filtering - All content will be passed through Akismet spam filter before posting. If it detect spam, then content goes to moderation queue before posting. Else content will be posted immediately. Akismet - Possibly the best way in the world to protect you from web spam. Note that Akismet perfectly detects spam for English, German, Spanish, Icelandic, Dutch but lacks with Russian language. http://akismet.com

Pre-moderation - All content will be sent to moderation before post.

Settings can be applied independently for the comments and incoming feedback.