Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago • updated by Alexander Blach 7 years ago 1

Dear users, we want to please you with new updates of UserEcho.

At this time we have bias in socialization. We determined what UserEcho gradually becomes not only a means for collection and management feedback, it’s becomes a complete environment for building a loyal community of users around your project.

Now, each project has a special page which shows statistics of the community: The number of users, reviews, comments and votes.


Also you can see the most active users, new users and active commentators. You should be aware of your heroes.

You must click “Our team” link at the right menu to look community stats page.

In the near future we are preparing the next new features, such as API and the feedback form for embedding it in the site

What do the numbers in the "Top contributors" column stand for? Couldn't figure it out :)