Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 5 years ago • updated by Mike Wentworth 4 years ago 3

New widget popup, custom design and layout

Widget popup became completely customizable.

It's can consist from any combination of available modules like: Text,Image,Search,Stats & Topic List.

Find out default view on screenshot.

Feel free to create your own widget via Customize section.

Select required forum and Widget view on it to customize widget look and feel.

Actions on html elements

We added special actions, now when you edit any of your html block you can following attributes to perform special actions.

Adding following attributes to a or input html elements.


Will launch sign-in/sign-up popup.


Will launch popup to leave private suggestion.

Special links

Add following get parameter to any link to your community to force leave private feedback popup, after page loading.


Misc updates

  • removed last 100 items limit from moderation section filters, now it's completely paginated to the whole range of items.
  • API now allows to get emails list of community users.
  • Moderation section extended with new views: latest comments and latest feedback.
Love the new widget. Huge improvement! Thanks!
How to force another forum opening in the same widget when a link in the widget is clicked?

Is there a way to switch between the forums in the widget?

new widget looks good... keep up the good work..

Where would I add those HTML lines? Within the UserEcho system? (Please clarify.)


Will launch sign-in/sign-up popup.