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Big updates on comments system

Nested comments

At this time we decided to improve the commenting system added ability to make nested comments, simply press "reply" button make a answer and post a comment.

Mark important feedback

We also added the ability to provide important feedback and put them up next to the feedback. For example, if the user has asked you a question and there was a debate in which there have been several comments. You can select the correct answer and attach it to feedback or identify the steps how to solve the issue or problem in attaching a few comments.

Voting on comments

Now you can vote for your favorite comments to you, next to each comment there is a mini voter. This will highlight the interesting comments and vice versa hide unwanted. In the future, we will take into account the total amount of votes posted for comments user to calculate its ratings (karma)

comments nested,sticking,voting

User has the following features at feedback page

  • comment feedback (1)
  • vote for feedback (2)
  • vote for comments (7)

Administrators in addition to the user actions can

  • keep an official response (3)
  • Mark the selected comments as important (4)
  • to edit or delete any of the feedback and comments (8)
  • check project website (5)
  • subscribe to RSS feed of project (6)

What we plan to add in the near future

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