Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago 0


Added ability to create categories in forums, it’s allows users more flexible add order to feedback. You can add any of categories in each forum. Multilanguage also supported. by default categories displayed at right menu panel.


Admins now can works with feedback from main forum list or from search results. Now not need anymore to go inside each feedback to perform actions. All actions works using AJAX without all page refresh.It’s make editing and managing feedback more friendly and effective. And saves your time and bandwidth. Sorting

New feedback type

Added new type of feedback “NEWS” and now admins may inform users about project events, write news etc


Also all project now has corresponding RSS feed which displays all project activity and works like changelog. You can now signup to it with RSS reader and be in course what happening with your project.

Sorting modes

For end-users addden new types of sorting like:

  • Top rated - with biggest positive difference between up down votes
  • Newest - ordered by creation date newest first
  • Most commented - with biggest amount of comments first
  • More upvotes - with more positive votes first
  • More downvotes - with more negative votes first
  • Most popular - with more total votes first



  • Logos of projects now saved in PNG format without quality loss

  • Now project logo clickable and leads to project website

  • Added ability to change password. Users can do this from user profile.