Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 6 years ago • updated by Serge B. 6 years ago 3
  • Now each topic status (IDEA,BUG,QUESTION,etc) has custom-dedicated list of statuses.
  • Facebook integration updated to meet new facebook requiriments.
  • Added new mode for forums (No voting) - all topics will be displayed without voting ability. Also it's possible to show/hide voting block on each topic individually. Find out details.
  • Added ability to send private feedback from widget. 
  • Added ability to set custom feedback popup header text.
  • Now it's possible to filter widget popup content by category.
  • Now it's possible to see all community members on Our team page. It's realized using infinite scroll feature.
First of all thank you for the category filter within the widget! Very much appreciated!

A minor issue - when filter widget by category the NN in "View all feedback (NN)" shows total number and not just for that category. It only makes sense to filter that number too.

Suggestion - the new widget custom header text would be even better if it was not on the Design tab but on Widgets and passed as the widget JavaScript parameter. That would allow for the flexibility of using custom header that'd reflect the category.