Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago 0
  • UserEcho now uses Amazon cloud to serve static content. We improved UserEcho performance and now it uses Amazon S3 Cloud to serve widgets and static content. It's allows us provide fast response time for large projects with about 1000000 page views per day.

  • Now widget insertion code become asynchronous. It's allows faster loading times and separates widget and site content loading. Users must replace widget code on their websites to start using asynchronous loading

  • We have also improved the search of similar and duplicated feedback. Now it's become more relevant and faster. Results displayed like filtered feedback pages.

  • Admins now be able to choose in forum settings switch feedback sharing shortcuts ON/OFF. You can configure it in settings->forum->setup->show feedback sharing. It's useful for private forums.

  • We added user profile section. Over there users can change their details and notifications settings. More features will be available soon.

  • Added new types of notifications. Now admins will receive notifications about other admins activity.