Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago 0

We have updated the service plans. Plan “Simp” renamed to the “Base” plan with preservation of all possibilities. "Power" plan renamed to “Base+”. Added two new plans “Advanced” and “Custom”. Now we have user friendly comparison page of service plans, that helps to choose appropriate plan.

We apologize for the inconvenience, all previous plans will retain the functionality that was available at the time of purchase.

new service plans


Added ability to add subcategories to to the category. This allow will more accurately organize information for major projects.

Improved opportunities for moderation, In-place moderation

Now besides the fact that you can moderate comments and posts in the administrative interface. You can directly moderate content from the forum and feedback list.

We displays count of feedback and comments that need to be approved. You no longer need to go inside settings interface to check if there something to review.