Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago • updated by linabrown 7 years ago 1

HTTPS Support:

HTTPS support for widgets, now our customers can place our widgets on SSL secured websites. We become certifyed by Geotrust. it's free for all service plans

Private staff discussions:

New feature private discussion on feedback for project owners and staff.

TAGS - Structuring information:

Added new feature support for tags. Now admins can create tags for project and then assign it to the feedback. This allows more structured feedback representation. Filtering by tags is also available.

And much more

  • Users now able to edit own feedback and comments. It's possible in two hours after it creation to change or fix errors.
  • admins able to edit users comments
  • now default sort for feedback is order by most popular
  • added new status for THANKS type of feedback
  • updated feedback and comment submit forms to avoid duplicate submits. Now when users submits them, submit button dissapears and users watch submit progress indicator

  • added dynamic autogrowing text areas when writing comments

  • new type of notifications "feedback merge"
  • now when users create feedback, UserEcho automatically adds +1 vote for his feedback.
  • Admins and staff now able merge duplicating feedback


thanks for the info it will surely can help me a lot