Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 8 years ago • updated 7 years ago 2

Design developer Tjey joined our team and soon we all can see beautiful transfiguration of UserEcho design

  • Private forums now available to owners of Simp service plan
  • Redesigned popin block, now it have displays most popular feedback and have ability to post own feedback from popin
  • Added options to modify popin text and background colors


  • Ability to limit anonymous feedback and voting for forums
  • Integration with social translating service Transifex, we able to add new languages support more faster
  • invites for unregistered users when adding admins
  • Redesigned tab navigations menus on site
www.transifex.net - i can't understand this service :(

Now we still thinking about http://translate.sourceforge.net, it can be installed on our server! One of ex.- http://translate.evernote.com/
Transifex has complicated menu structure inside, but the main idea is than you sync your .po files with transifex account. And then users can register and participate in translation throw web interface.

We look at pootle and seems that it's more feature rich than transifex and their deployment platform similar like our Django

We consider to use in couple of weeks

Thank you for information!