Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 5 years ago • updated by JDB 5 years ago 4

We improved our rich text editor. Now it has following new features.

  1. Added autosizing by height, editor area height will extend to content when your typing.
  2. Added support for resizing images inside editor, just point any image with mouse cursor and then click and drag to change size.
  3. Cleanup for pasted content. For example for text copied and inserted from Word.
  4. Also we fixed some z-index issues.
  5. Improved Firefox support.

How to resize images I copy and paste from web?

We just added support for instant resizing of images after they copied and pasted.

Just paste, move mouse cursor over image you should see special cursor and try to resize for required size.

It's added now, after your comment, don't forget to refresh page.