Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 6 years ago • updated by HowardB 6 years ago 3
UserEcho becomes even more flexible. We added ability to create custom statuses. Now you can add missed statuses to your community.

Below some examples, which statuses added by our clients.

1) Can't reproduce - additional status suitable for BUG topic type.
2) On hold - status for requests that we want to re-visit in six months after other things settle out.

Fell free to give us your use-cases of usage the custom statuses feature.
Setup of custom statuses available of the following path.
Settings->Forum->Custom statuses

Feature available for all Advanced service plan owners.
Also we added these feature for all customers who requested it and voted for, before it implementation.

After creating your own custom status it's possible assign it to the existing topic types.
Also each status can has dedicated name for each of topic type.

For example:
CLOSED status has name "CLOSED" for IDEAS and name "FIXED" for BUGS.

Excellent news - nice work!

Thanks also for applying it to people who voted for the original issue. I did comment on that original issue (and I'm sure I voted!), but I try to edit the statuses and get the message "Your current plan does not support custom topic statuses."

Do I just need to wait a while before this takes effect - am I just too keen to use this!?
Option added to your current account.
Wow! Less than a minute turn around - fantastic work! Thanks Sergey, much appreciated!