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UserEcho API launched

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago • updated 5 years ago 2

UserEcho provides an API that lets you perform all the operations available to users and admins via WEB interface and more.

Now there's an opportunity for closer integration with your projects. Everything is limited only by your imagination.

API support enabled for all service plans including free plans.

We recommend start read UserEcho API introduction

For more details look at complete API reference

Feel free to give API ideas and suggestions on our API support forum


Extended spam protection features

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago 0

UserEcho now provides more flexible settings for protection from spam and inappropriate content for your projects.


We added following options for content moderation.

Moderation is off - All appear on the site immediately without moderation.

User-moderation - All content is published immediately. Users will be able to tag existing content as inappropriate, spam, duplicate.

Akismet filtering - All content will be passed through Akismet spam filter before posting. If it detect spam, then content goes to moderation queue before posting. Else content will be posted immediately. Akismet - Possibly the best way in the world to protect you from web spam. Note that Akismet perfectly detects spam for English, German, Spanish, Icelandic, Dutch but lacks with Russian language.

Pre-moderation - All content will be sent to moderation before post.

Settings can be applied independently for the comments and incoming feedback.


Ratings for users(karma), community stats page

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago • updated by Alexander Blach 7 years ago 1

Dear users, we want to please you with new updates of UserEcho.

At this time we have bias in socialization. We determined what UserEcho gradually becomes not only a means for collection and management feedback, it’s becomes a complete environment for building a loyal community of users around your project.

Now, each project has a special page which shows statistics of the community: The number of users, reviews, comments and votes.


Also you can see the most active users, new users and active commentators. You should be aware of your heroes.

You must click “Our team” link at the right menu to look community stats page.

In the near future we are preparing the next new features, such as API and the feedback form for embedding it in the site


Custom tab widget, very flexible

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago • updated by Александр Уланов 5 years ago 4

Now users can create tab widget to own taste.

It’s possible to customize almost everything.

Hold on to keep from falling off the chair :)


  • Background color (1) using color picker (8)
  • Text color (2) & (7)
  • Decide to show icon or no (10)
  • Choose border radius for corners (4) (11)
  • Choose hover color (9)
  • Choose alignment of widget tab left or right (6)
  • And event customize feedback text (5)

We also did a great job over the compatibility with different types of browsers. Widget works correctly in Internet explorer 6/7/8, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera.

Soon we plan to release embedded form for website integration.


Voting from widget, ability to leave feedback within widget

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago • updated 7 years ago 2

We improve feedback widget usability.

Now you can vote directly from the widget, users can also set aside feedback without having to go to the site directly from the widget.

We expect that this will improve the usability and user loyalty as they will go to support site only on their own.

All process is 4 simple steps

  • 1-Main screen where users start entering feedback and UserEcho checks for similar feedback
  • 2-Authorization step if user not authorized before
  • 3-Detail step
  • 4-Final step display links for feedback and support forum



Easy way to create surveys

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago • updated by Рустам107 7 years ago 1

Recently, we added a new feature that allows admins to attach messages to the top of the feedback. Let’s look what opportunities does this new feature.

For example, now you can easily create a survey of users on the topic that interests you.

For example let’s create survey: What kind of phone you like? Step by step guide:

  • Create a feedback and call it: "What kind of phone you like?”

  • Write in a comments possible answers of users: iPhone, Nexus One, Nokia e.t.c

  • Stick comments to the top of the feedback page, using the "stick up" action on comment

  • That’s all. Now we have a survey !!!

Users can vote for each, and due to the fact that we support nested comments, they can discuss each of the survey variants in dedicated comments thread.

easy way to create feedback


Customization types of feedback, updated access system

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago • updated by Zavtra 7 years ago 5

Customization types of feedback

We've added the ability to completely customize the types of feedback. This gives the user the flexibility to configure the system for themselves. Setting is available in the Forums -> Feedback Types

Custom feedback types

By default, after creating a project the user types available. "Idea","Question","Error","Thanks"

Here are a few options for how else can organize the types of

  • "Positive", "Negative",
  • "Complaints", "Suggestions" - an analogue of the book of complaints and suggestions

In addition, it is possible to create a table in which users can not express their opinions, but will be able to comment on the feedback left by administrators. This type of tabs is well suited for news publishing.

You can add a type of "Examples" of where to put examples of using the service or to make a tab "Other", so be a fantasy!

Improving the system of user access rights

Now admins able to set position for each representative. You can share access to the following categories.

  • Ability to manage project settings
  • Can pay for the project - is useful to give its accountants
  • Editing feedback and comments
  • Delete function
  • Leaving a official response, the assignment of statuses, groups, tags

Custom feedback types

Setting is available in the section “Staff” of project settings.

Custom feedback types

Always looking for new ideas and suggestions for improving UserEcho fee free to leave them here


Feedback monitoring, Right menu redesigned

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago 0

Feedback monitoring via notifications

Now users can easily subscribe to the monitoring of feedback with notification to the e-mail. You must click the link to subscribe (1) in the right menu. If you do this on the main forum page, you will receive notifications of all forum feedback changes. You can also monitor specifically selected feedback. You must click Subscribe link on feedback page to subscribe to the current feedback changes.

Right menu redesign

We have redesigned the right menu panel.

  • Logo placement zone auto-sizes to fit logo, it has become smaller for smaller logos
  • (2). Removed border around logo.
  • Added icons for menu items (3)
  • Zone of sharing panel rolled into one AJAX pop-up menu “Share” (4)
  • on our opinion right menu has become more compact without loss of functionality.

comments nested,sticking,voting

feel free to ask about new features on our feedback page Feedback


Nested comments, Comments voting, Stick function

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago • updated by Vladimir Mullagaliyev (co-founder) 6 years ago 2

Big updates on comments system

Nested comments

At this time we decided to improve the commenting system added ability to make nested comments, simply press "reply" button make a answer and post a comment.

Mark important feedback

We also added the ability to provide important feedback and put them up next to the feedback. For example, if the user has asked you a question and there was a debate in which there have been several comments. You can select the correct answer and attach it to feedback or identify the steps how to solve the issue or problem in attaching a few comments.

Voting on comments

Now you can vote for your favorite comments to you, next to each comment there is a mini voter. This will highlight the interesting comments and vice versa hide unwanted. In the future, we will take into account the total amount of votes posted for comments user to calculate its ratings (karma)

comments nested,sticking,voting

User has the following features at feedback page

  • comment feedback (1)
  • vote for feedback (2)
  • vote for comments (7)

Administrators in addition to the user actions can

  • keep an official response (3)
  • Mark the selected comments as important (4)
  • to edit or delete any of the feedback and comments (8)
  • check project website (5)
  • subscribe to RSS feed of project (6)

What we plan to add in the near future


Icons for feedback, design, new voter

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 7 years ago • updated 7 years ago 2

We updated our voter design

Score digits on "Voter" shows difference between positive and negative votes. (1) For vote you must click up or down arrow that appears when you place mouse over "Voter" (2) "Voter" becomes green when you vote for idea belongs to it (3) and becomes red (4) when you vote against

Each feedback has corresponding icon

QUESTION-(1), IDEA-(2), THANKS-(3), BUG-(4), NEWS-(5)

New voter and icons

New internal design of feedback forum:

  • The internal design has become more sophisticated and user-friendly

New internal design