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We post info about UserEcho improvements and updates here. To see latest updates order comments by Newest first. Follow or vote for this topic to stay in touch.



New feature: Last used canned responses.

Now you will see your last used canned responses when you open canned responses. It helps to use this feature in two clicks: open canned responses, click on one of them from the list.


New feature: Configure redirect from one topic to another one.

More information in this article


UserEcho Chat now has native applications for Mac and Windows feel free to download and use it.


Improved: Statistics->Overview.

We've added two new filter to our statistics->overview page: Category and Tag.


Now user custom fields that you pass with SSO displayed on user information panel in chat agent.


Improved: Topic URLs.

Topic URLs now have hierarchy structure and have information about forum. It can be helpful if you would like to exclude some forum from search engine indexing.

Old URLs work as well and redirect users to new URLs.


New feature: Filter by user group in users list.

Now you are able to filter by User Group in the Agent interface -> Users.

New feature: Vote count information in users list.

Now you are able to see vote count by users in the Agent interface -> Users. Also you can order users by vote count in both directions.

Improved: Support agents report.

We've improved statistics information for support agents:

  • added first reply time
  • added ability to show detailed information for each statistic number
  • added ability to filter by forums
  • improved date range selector
  • added summary statistics information

Also we've added pagination to all statistics lists to make navigation easier.


New feature: Spoiler formatting.

Now you are able to markup some text in the topic/comment as a spoiler. The text will be invisible for users. The text will be visible when users move the mouse over. Also it will be always visible after click.


New featureBlock users right from mini-profile.

Now support agents are able to block users right from user's mini-profile.

ImprovementBlocked users votes do not count in the topic votes anymore.

We do not count votes from blocked users. If you see somebody created duplicate or illegal account, just block the user and his votes will not be counted.


Changes: Custom field values representation has been changed.

We've added some class name to custom field representation for better customization via CustomScript. If you use any customization via CustomScript for custom fields representation please check your Custom Script works properly with new markup.

New markup:

<div class="custom-field custom-field-[type] [code_name]">
    <div class="custom-field-name">...</div> 
    <div class="custom-field-value">...</div> </div>

New feature: Microsoft Teams integration.

We have added new integrations with "Microsoft teams". "Microsoft Teams" is the chat-based workspace in Office 365 that integrates all the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective.

Find out more details here

New featureSSO via WordPress (WordPress plugin).

We've improved our WordPress plugin. Now you can easily login via your WordPress site.

Feel free to request new features for WordPress integration.

Improve: SAML debugging improved.

We've improved our SAML integration response when error was occupied. For now you will be able to see description of last error and a link to return back to the page to try again.

And, of course, feel free to contact us if you need any help during integration.


Fix: The "pointer" cursor removed from tags for users. Also we've changed behavior to delete tag. Now support agents will see the "X" icon in the tag when they move cursor over. This icon allows to remove the tag from the topic.


New feature: We have added to see count of assigned topics to each agent on the agents statistic page.

You can see it here Statistics->Support agents

New feature: We have added new sort mode for topics in the agent interface: From oldest to newest.


New feature: Integration with VK ( private messages.

Now you can receive VK private messages as Helpdesk tickets and reply directly from UserEcho interface. Find out this option in your Project settings -> Integrations -> Social networks -> VK.

New feature: Support agents are able to see exact user's votes voted for specific idea.

Now support agents are able to see how many votes user posted for specific idea and haw many votes left. Find out this option in User's profile->Voted topics.

New feature: Support agents with "manage users" access rights are able to mark user's email as verified.

Now support agents with "manage users" access rights are able to mark any user's email as verified to force user access to private forum with no verification. Find out this option in User's profile->Admin actions.


New feature: Notification about new user registration.

Now agents with "manage users" access rights are able to subscribe to "new user registration" notifications. Find out this option in your Profile->Notifications.


New feature: Google tag manager integration.

Now you can add your Google Tag Container in one click. Go to your Project settings -> Integrations -> Analytics -> Google tag manager and add your Container ID.


New feature: Change time to edit topic/comment by author.

Now you can change time to edit topic/comment by author. Also you can change if author can delete his topic/comment or edit only.

The settings are available in your Project settings->Forum common settings.


New feature: Enable moderation for public messages of specific user.

Now you can enable moderation for all public messages of specific user. Go to the user profile or "Users" section in your project settings. Also this parameter is available to setup via SSO.

New feature: New actions in the "Users" section.

Now you can do some actions with users directly from "Users" section:

  • Enable moderation for all public messages of selected user
  • Block user
  • Delete user

New feature: See which topics you voted.

Now you can see which topics you voted in the community. It is helpful if community use a limited number of votes per use or if user would like to see what happens with voted topics.

The link is available in the "User activity" module and in user's menu on the user's profile page.

New feature: Custom subjects for your email notifications.

Now you can change subjects of email notifications in your project.

Please note: We've removed [...] part from our notifications to have more space for real header (specially for mobile devices). If you would like to add this part for your project you can find an example by link below.

More information with examples are available here

Improved: Grouping of emails notifications for the same topic. Now all email notifications for the same topic could be grouped in one.

Another minor feature: Native Steam OpenId integration is available now. You can enable this method of authentication in your Project settings -> Project -> Login settings.


New feature: Option to send notification on specified comment.

Now you can disable notification for specified new comment. The "Notification" checkbox is available in a new comment form. This is helpful if you would like to add comment or change topic status (ex: to close old topics) close topic with no notification to subscribed users.

Also when you edit a comment all admin settings are available now (status, privacy, etc). Please note, we do not send notifications when you edit comment. If you would like to send notification you could add a new one.


New feature: Users satisfaction settings per topic type.

Now you can change user satisfaction settings for each topic type. It can help you disable satisfaction rating for some topic types (ex: Praises). Go to your Project's settings -> Community forums (or Helpdesk) -> Topic types


New feature: Change users' profiles privacy.

Now you can change privacy settings for users' profiles and team page. It can help you hide users' profiles from search engines if you use private forums only. Go to your Project's settings -> Project -> Privacy.


New feature: Select type of vote for comments.

Now you can select type of voting for comments the same way as you do with voting for topics:

- Positive and Negative

- Positive only

- Disabled

Also we've improved buttons in vote for a comment. Now you will see what comment you have voted for. Also you are able to cancel you vote.


New feature: Show original email for email parsed to the Helpdesk ticket.

Now you are able to see an original email for the Helpdesk ticked created from email. If you see specific icon next to "email" label (see screenshot below) you can click on "email" and check all information (available so support agents only).

Please note, we do keep original email for a limited time. So, if you do not see this icon, email is already deleted.

It can be helpful if ticked is not created correctly or some text is hidden by our cleanup script.

You will at least two tabs:

1. Info - information about email like subject, from, to, attachments, etc.

2. Source - source code of email.

And some additional tabs depend on email content like:

  • TEXT version of email
  • HTML version of email
  • images, etc.


New feature: Email2Helpdesk parser uses HTML emails instead of TXT.

Our old Email2Helpdesk used TXT emails to parse them into tickets. We've improved this part a lot. Now the parser uses HTML emails by default. So, all links, images, tables, etc. will be available in your tickets. We only do our internal cleanup for HTML to prevent some types of attack.

Feel free to report us any bugs in the private message from our community forum.


New attribute: User's last activity date.

We've added information about last activity date of each user. Now you are able to see all active users in your community. The attribute is available in:

1. Users' list - you can order all users by this attribute.

2. User's profile.

3. User's mini-profile (popup).

4. API (user information).

The attribute updates every time when the user open any page, leave new topic, comment, vote, etc.


New option on the "Search" module: Search within selected category.

If user has selected some category, then try to search some topics,the Search module will try to find topics within selected category.

Open your Project settings->Forum settings->Layout customization. Select the "Topic List" tab and click on the Search module settings. The option is "Search in the user's selected category only".


New tag is available in the email templates: {% ue_default_template %}

More information about th tag in our article "How to use template tags in email templates".


New twitter module mode: Page URL.

Now it is much easier to add the Twitter module to your side block. You do not have to create a widget in the Twitter. Just add any Twitter URL directly to the widget parameters.

New features:

  • SAML authentication in a new window (do not force redirect).
  • Ability to combine SAML authentication with the UserEcho email/password authentication in the same community.
  • Custom labels on SSO and SAML authentication buttons.

New feature: Sort users by any field.

Now you can order you user's list by any available field.


Agent's interface: The mobile mode is improved!

We've significantly improved the Agent's interface (topic's review) in the mobile mode. We've separated the topic list view and topic view on two screens. Take a look on screenshots.

Please read more infromation in our blog


New API method: DELETE forums

The method deletes a forum with provided ID.


New feature: In the Agent's interface you can select attributes where to search entered text to filter topics.

Also filter topics by text in comments has been added for the Agent's interface.


New feature: Filter by custom fields in the Agent's interface.

Now you can filter topics by custom fields values.

1. Select "Configure" in the "Filter"

2. Select "Custom fields" in the "Additional filters"

3. Select fields in "Custom fields" you want to filter by.

4. Input values and search your topics.

If you would like to use this filter more than 1 time you are able to save it. The saved filter will be available in the "Filter" list.

New feature: Filter topics by user's group in the Agent's interface.


New features: Copy forum, Copy topic type, Copy topic status.

Now can set up a forum and do not spend a time to set up another one. Just copy it from the first.

Same feature is available for topic types and topic statuses.


New API methods: Users groups

GET users/groups. - returns list of users groups.

POST users/groups

PUT users/groups

DELETE users/groups

This methods help to manage users groups via API.


New API method: POST forums/[forum_id]/upload/[file|image]

The method uploads a file or image to your project and returns data, include relative URL. You can use this URL to create topics or knowledge base articles with embedded images or attached files via API.

Please note, this API request is not available for trial period.


New API method: POST users/get_or_create

The method returns existing user by email or create a new user in your project.

Example: if you want to post a topic on behalf of another user and do not know if he is already registered. Call the method and you will receive the user ID. Then you can make a call on behalf of this user

New feature: Login settings.

We've changed our Sign in/Sign up popup form.

Also we significantly improved our Sign in/Sign up embedded form (When the user sign in directly from a topic form)

Also we've added settings for login form. Now you are able to select what buttons show for external authentication systems and change their order. You can find this settings in your Project settings->Login settings.

As a bonus, we've added new type for SSO authentication. If you use "SSO only" authentication, now you can open your SSO authentication form in a new window (do not force redirect to your site). This feature is in beta now.


New feature: Agent's access permissions per forum.

We've improved agent's access permissions. Now you are able to provide permissions to support agents per forum (previously you could do this for the entire project only). To edit this settings go to Project settnigs->Users->Support agents. Then click "Edit" on specified support agent.

1. Simple permissions' form. The agent has access to all forums with the same permissions.

2. Custom permissions' form. The agent has access to some forums with specified permissions per forum.

3. Agents access per forum. You are able to see the access map per forum (to whom and what type of access granted to the forum)


We have added new feature:

Now, it's possible to undo "Mark as answer" action

Commenting disabled