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Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 8 months ago • updated by Юрий Урсан 3 months ago 1
We have released brand new remarkable web-live-chat client for the support agents. It has been completely rewritten and now has more features.

1) Panel with users always visible now. That allow easy switching between users. Also it's more comfortable to monitor situation with active chats.
2) Chat interface is completely fluid now and always fit screen. We got rid of issues when some content overflow it.
3) All actions now available using button at the left part of the input field.
4) Chat now is more stable, we have fixed a lot of issues with broken session chats.
5) It's has modern look & fill, like modern mobile chat applications.

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 12 months ago • updated by Nguyễn Thanh Thư 1 month ago 2

Huge performance optimisation

We have performed many optimisations, so average communities response time became up to 4x times faster.

New features 

+ Added Ticket IDs to the help desk requests
It's useful to clients and support staff to refer on topics via ticket ID

+ Semi private comments
Now community staff able to leave comments that will be visible only to the topic owner and staff. It suitable to pass private information to the clients in the public topics.

+ Custom fields - added related comboboxes
We have added related comboboxes in the custom fields. Now you are able to add custom combobox field which will change item list if other field value changed.

+ Canned responses
We have added  Canned responses feature to the our Helpdesk (Ticketing system)
Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 1 year ago • updated by West Trade 12 months ago 0
We updated our presentation website, now it contains more information about UserEcho features and help you to discover a ton of hidden service abilities.

New features added

+ Forward any email to UserEcho (Ticketing)
Did a customer send a question to your personal email? Forward it to UserEcho to instantly create a ticket, and manage all of your support requests in the same system.

+ Data export - one click backup.
Now all paid clients are able to export their project's data to JSON format in one click. More information in our knowledge base article " How to export project data?".

+ Ability to leave private comments from email
Forward notification regarding existing ticket activity to your support address that managed by UserEcho and your reply will be added as a private comment for your staff.

+ Ability to invite additional users to participate on the Helpdesk tickets.
more details here

+ Linking of external CSS
Ability to link external CSS files to your UserEcho community via LINK tag, this will allow to use custom fonts for your community for example.

+ API -> requests on behalf of another user.
Now you are able to request API methods on behalf of your project's users. More information here

+ Admins now able to manage users settings.
Project's admin with a "manage project" access rights are able to edit user's profiles (display name, email, password, custom fields, etc) and merge user's accounts with the same email. Open User's profile->Common settings.

New integrations

+ Slack
more details here

+ Hipchat
more details here

+ Kato
more details here

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Team UserEcho.

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Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 1 year ago • updated by David Ryan 1 year ago 3
UserEcho able to process emails and auto convert it to the tickets, so you will able to provide customer support from one place, your agent interface.

How it works?

Customer send email to your support email address, then UserEcho process it assign ticket number to it and place it into your helpdesk, customer will receive notification that company received their request and soon it will be replied. Then after your support agent process request from the agent interface(update status or place reply), user will receive notifications with status updates until him request will be resolved. So process is completely transparent user feels that it do typical email conversation via email. But you have well organised helpdesk with support agents that controls that all customer requests will be replied.

Find out more details
Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 2 years ago • updated by David Ryan 1 year ago 1
Now users who have not setup the user-picture will have auto-generated avatar with the first letter of his name.

Letters help to solve a very important problem - fast navigation through the list of topics. By testing on himself and on users, we concluded that the photos help people in it, so that the letters have been a good replacement for the monotonous default icon.
Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 2 years ago • updated by Pete Delpapa 2 years ago 2
UserEcho team constantly monitors availability of the customer's communities. We've added a public information about the availability of communities. Also now is possible to see maintenance log.

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 2
We have updated UserEcho frontpage design, it become more informative and responsive. 

Find out below history of UserEcho's frontpage design changes.

2014 - Current



2010 - First

Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 2 years ago • updated by David Wagoner 2 years ago 1
We want to share with our customers and partners large and important news! For last months much work was done to improve the UserEcho service. In total, more than 100 modifications and updates done. Ranging from visual - design change, to more global - improved ease of use, increased functionality, performance optimization.

List of updates which will be described in detail in the following blog posts:

  • Agency Interface - new full-featured moderation interface
  • Unified loading images and the ability to use more than 360 vector icons when setting up the community.
  • Fully functional mobile version.
  • Improved visual style of topics and actions on them.
  • Optimized authorization form.
  • Colorization and color patterns when configuring communities.
  • Availability monitoring and performance monitoring of your community.
  • New modules to configure dashboards.

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Team UserEcho.

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Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 2 years ago 0
We added the ability to assess the quality of customer support service, it will allow companies to better understand whether users are satisfied with the quality of service and to evaluate the quality of support in general and detailed down to the level of each staff member.

After a customer service request is solved, UserEcho automatically contact your customers to collect feedback on their satisfaction with the support received. It’s a easy way for you to track customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn.

Listen to Your Customers

Collect feedback on your company’s customer service experience. Monitor overall customer satisfaction and ensure you always delight your customers.

Identify and Resolve Issues Instantly

Track and address issues from not completely satisfied customers. Turn your critics into loyal customers.

Get detailed insights regarding quality of the customer support

View customers satisfaction reports. Continuously improve processes to keep your customers happy.
Sergey Stukov (co-founder) 2 years ago 0
By listening to our customers, we have decided to completely rework the administrative part (control center) of the community. The our main targets was - adding support for a mobile devices and more convenient navigation.

To improve navigation we split our settings interface for the two parts:

  1. Community settings (Settings). It's part included all common project settings: forum settings, categories, tags e.t.c. It's massive part but it rarely used usually when admin performs configuration after community creation.
  2. Agent workplace (Agent interface). This part included all functions needed in the everyday work: moderation interface, live-chat, community statistics. Therefore interface that used by operators in the everyday work was simplified.
Especially worth mentioning that now work with the administrative part UserEcho possible on a large range of devices and browsers, including mobile phones.

We have added new analytical report report that displays user satisfaction. This is the most important parameter that allows you to understand the overall mood of your customers and allow you to score the quality of your customer support team. More on this later write in our blog.

Also we perform many small improvements and upgrades, social network interface was optimised and completely switched to the real-time mode.

What next? The next big challenge in front of us - Update interface of the communities to the new level with higher usability.

Sincerely yours,
UserEcho team